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What is Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey?

Everyone was excited when Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he would be teaming up with Musclepharm to bring out his own supplement series. But what has his whey protein got to offer?

Iron Whey contains a protein matrix. This is a blend of whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate. The whey concentrate is a cheap source of protein and is the majority of the protein content, keeping the cost of the shake down. However whey isolate and hydrolysate are also present, these are very fast absorbing and much higher quality. This blend will ensure that your body is quickly fuelled with protein before the bulk of the whey concentrate is absorbed.

The recommended serving size of one scoop is 32.4 g. One scoop contains 22 g of protein, 6 g of carbohydrates and 1 g of fat. This brings the total calorie content of one serving to 120 calories. However the ingredients list is of more interest than the nutritional content. Iron whey has an amino acid matrix which contains the essential amino acids: leucine and valine. Essential amino acids are just that, essential. We cannot make our own essential amino acids in the body, they have to obtained directly from the diet. Having these present in the shake ensures that your body is supplied with these amino acids in order to effectively build proteins. In addition the amino acid matrix contains L-Glutamine, an amino acid which is useful to prevent the breakdown of muscle proteins.

Does Musclepharm Amino Acid Spike?

Unfortunately Musclepharm has been accused of amino acid spiking Iron Whey. This is when companies pack their product with amino acids such as taurine and glycine in order to increase the protein content of their shake. This would be fine, except that these particular amino acids are not as beneficial as food-based proteins. Therefore although it appears you are getting a high protein content very little of it is ‘real’ protein. Thankfully this is not the case with Iron Whey. ChromaDex carried out lab analysis on the product and found that the ‘real’ protein content was as stated on the label.

Who should take Iron Whey?

Iron Whey is perfect for anyone looking for a middle of the range protein shake. Its nutritional content of a few carbohydrates makes it perfect to take post workout. The carbohydrates consumed will help to replenish stores of glycogen in the muscle, making your muscles appear larger. This makes Iron Whey great for any aspiring bodybuilders. At the end of the day who wouldn’t want to take a protein shake that was developed by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself?

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